We Love Our Customers (And Their Pets)!

We exist for our customers. Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. When you choose Foxy Locks, you choose a skilled, dependable, professional team that is committed to excellence in all the services we provide. We are always listening to our customers and improving ourselves to serve them better. We are honored to have their patronage and glad to share with you their feedback below.
Awesome job!! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I wasn't very sure how to describe how I needed my girls haircut but they were very patient and helpful. This was the best cut she's ever gotten. They were also done at the exact time that they quoted me. Thanks so much!! And I noticed her nails were cut as well. So nice. I will be back.
Payton H
I love Foxy Locks! I have never met a more honest group of people, they really tell it like it is! For once I'm actually taking my sweet (haha) puppers to a business that is going to stand by their rules and policies and hold people accountable. I was just charged my first late fee today.....I was only an hour late and it was only because Bella wouldn't go tinkle in the rain and I can't have her going to the bathroom in my car! I wasn't too thrilled to say the least but I was happy they still were able to get her groomed, even though it took longer than usual. The receptionist was very straightforward with me about the reason for the late fee, even though I didn't agree with it, but after my groomer explained everything I understood. I can't stand being delayed because of someone else, so finding out that's what I was doing was an eye opener, even if it was a little harsh to hear. I appreciate more than ever now that they are going to be direct and honest with me and that they mean what they say when it comes to my girl. Bella is my life and I only let people I trust take care of her. She was a rescue and with her having such a rough start I really appreciate that they are so patient with her. She has grown so much with them working with her, I couldn't ask for better!
Although they are not a cage-free, which I prefer, it really makes me feel comfortable knowing that my Bella is actually only going to be around vaccinated pets, and they will do everything possible to make her comfortable, even take her out to potty! She loves looking so foxy when she's done.
Karen D
This place is wonderful! I have never felt more comfortable leaving my puppy somewhere. Jackson was even able to play in daycare and get his groom the same day! Super convenient and great hours! Cristen and her staff were very knowledgeable and able to answer any of my concerns,, and you can tell they really love what they do! Jackson was so happy to be there! We will be back!!
Alanis D
Rebekah was absolutely wonderful with my little man! He absolutely loves going to see her. The entire staff is super welcoming and friendly as well!
Ciera J
Very friendly and helpful staff. They seem to be taking great safety measures during the pandemic. (Staff had on masks & gloves, and they are operating by curbside only) My old gal always looks so cute after her spa day! :)
Tiffany C
Finally a groomer who buffs my frenchie's nails instead of telling me to let my dog run on concrete in order to buff them. They are extremely nice!! I woke up late for my dog's appointment and they called to make sure my dog was still coming and allowed my dog to still get groom even though I was 30 min late. Highly recommend!!
DeAndrea I
This is my favorite grooming salon in Knoxville. The groomers are AMAZING,the receptionists are very kind, and the daycare staff are all very good with my who doesn't make friends so easily. Thank you Foxy Locks and staff y'all are really the Best of the best and it shows!
Josh N
Cristen is nothing short of AMAZING! She is the only person in town I let touch my Bedlington Terrier, and she's so great with my 2 large Boxers too! Her place is always immaculately clean and her staff genuinely care about your animal. Great job!! Happy to have someone in town we can trust!
Shane A, Feb 15 2017
We took our dog here for a full groom and had a wonderful experience. Angela Hughes groomed our Maltese and did an excellent job. He smelled like blueberries for a week after his visit, and his haircut was exactly like we asked for, unlike other groomers who forget our requests even when we've brought pictures. It was also nice that they groomed him in a private area since he is older and needs to be groomed by himself. We're really please with our experience and will be returning again soon. Our dog also seemed to enjoy his visit, he was extremely relaxed when we picked him up and looked like he could be entered in a dog show! Wonderful job, thanks again, Angela!
Gina T
Loved bringing my dog here for daycare! She had lots of fun playing! My mind was at ease while I had to go to school and leave her here! Also did a great job grooming my large kitty who doesn't groom herself anymore! She came home smelling great and shedding less! Definitely reccommend over all other grooming places!
Emily S
I have been meaning to tell you all about Kristin at Foxy Locks. I've known her for several years as she was my late dog's groomer. She is soooo good with the dogs and she loves them all. Not only is she an excellent groomer.. she is so nice and very compassionate.. when I lost my pup I went in to tell her. She sent me a keychain with a poem about how my girl will be beside me forever. Just her having that little space in her heart for us.. it made my day during a sad time. I love and trust Foxy Locks and you should too! They do a fantastic job and are affordable .. wouldn't go anywhere else
Lori B
Me and my fur baby LOVE Foxy Locks!!! They are always able to get my baby in and out quickly all while being thorough and detail oriented. I love that they offer tooth brushing at a very reasonable rate so it allows me to keep up on my puppies oral health. She is always so happy when I pick her up. Her nails are always nice and short and her coat is shiny and soft. Thank you for helping me keep my Daisy beautiful.
Courtney C
I don't know why there are only few reviews. This place is the BEST!!! I have a black poodle and they know how to cut it. They also cleaned my dog's ears hair even tho I didn't ask. Scout and I are so happy! Thank you so much! :D
Seon C
After having a bad experience at another groomer, where my puppy came back traumatized, a friend recommended this groomer. We love it here! Cristen, the owner and dog groomer, is so nice and took the time to talk to me, answer all of my questions, and listen how exactly I wanted my dog's hair to be cut. Also she explained to me how to help my dog in between cuts to get her used to grooming and which brush was right for her breed. I have a golden doodle and she will be getting groomed all her life, so it was really great to have Cristen's help so that my dog would like coming as well. When I picked up my dog, she was so happy and looked exactly how I asked Cristen to cut her hair. She smelled amazing for almost a week after too, and came with a cute little bandana tied around her neck. The next time I dropped her off, she got really excited when Cristen came out to take her in the back, and she didn't even think twice before following Cristen and leaving me out in the lobby lol. I now have 2 golden doodles and they both love to get their hair done every couple of months. I have had another groomer cut them as well and she also did a great job and really listened to what I wanted before the grooming. I would highly recommend this place.
Carly C
My fur baby started going to daycare here at 8 months old... she loves playing with other dogs and the employees; we did half a day of daycare and then a grooming session in the afternoon for her first day; that bandana was so cute. THE PICTURES THEY TAKE OF THE PUPS PLAYING ARE GREAT. I highly recommend if your pooch needs socialization while you work... the best part! They are open MON-SAT, yes even for daycare
El M
I love Foxy Locks! Very friendly and professional! They take great care of our fur babies! I will be back!
Sandy H
I didn't think I could get my dog's nails trimmed without anesthesia but they got it done! I'm exceedingly grateful and impressed.
Angela B
My pup loves all her daycare friends and every single staff member, especially the owner! She is the nicest, most personable lady I've ever met! You can tell everyone loves animals here, as they take time to make them comfortable and have the best experience possible! My girl always greets the staff with a wagging tail and tries to give them kisses!
Emily S
My Springers, Axel and Violet LOVE Cristen! She is the first groomer in Knoxville that I have "wagging butts" when I drop them off and pick them up! She does a fantastic job on the cuts and also makes sure your dog is comfortable while under her care. Plenty of water and space to move around and she takes them out to potty, which does not sound like much, but NONE of the other places I have taken my dogs too, do that but they want to keep them all day. I have no problem leaving my 2 for however long she needs because I know they are well taken care of.
Lisa C, May 02 2017
I have a very timid dog other than getting him into the store he opens up once he is there. The hair cuts are perfect every time. Cristen does a great job and her care and attention to my furry friend is nothing short of amazing. She has in the past helped us with his skin problem as well so thank you Cristen.
Josh T, Mar 14 2017
They were able to get us scheduled within a few days of my call. My furbaby was a complete mess and was way past due for a grooming. They took great care of him and did a great job with his cut! He came home happy and handsome.
Heather B, Jun 29 2017
My baby Daisy had a wonderful experience at Foxy Locks. Her nails are nice and short and she is so soft. Not that that'll keep her from digging in the mud. Very happy with our experience, great service, and fair pricing. Thank you!!! We will definitely be back!
Courtney C, May 06 2017
Cristen is the very best..she has groomed my Great Pyr for 3 years and that is one big job! I am so very happy for her to have her own business! No one works harder and loves their job more than Cristen. She treats every dog with loving care and it shows.
Laura J, Jan 20 2017
We have two standard poodles who we would not take to anyone else. They really like Christen and have never resisted going with her. We are so pleased with the care they receive and their cuts could not be better!
Roberta B, Feb 15 2017
Cristen is amazing with our sweet Jess. I won't go to anyone else now that I've found her!!
Courtney G, Dec 03 2016
We would not take our Molly (Goldendoodle) anywhere else. She is absolutely phenomenal at grooming and takes such great care of our fur baby. It's rare to find a company you can really trust with your fur baby but this is it!!! We would personally recommend them.
Cassidy G, Feb 07 2017
Cristen is awesome! It is so easy to see that Cristen truly loves animals. When it comes to your pet, trust is everything and I completely trust her with my Miss Bella. Bella loves her and I wouldn't think of taking her anywhere else. I highly recommend Cristen and Foxy Locks, LLC for all your pet grooming needs.
Sissy F, Feb 09 2017
Cristen has attention to detail and a way with the animals! Even the most crabby pet has taken a liking to her! She has been grooming for almost 15 years and has quite the following!
Cindy B, Mar 15 2016
The best place to take your pet!
Jim D, Sep 03 2017