Pet Grooming Services

*All prices are estimated and are subject to change based on weight, size, breed, style, coat condition, and temperament*

*An aggressive or unmanageable pet fee will be determined by the groomer ($5 to $20). If the pet is too unmanageable for grooming, they will be referred to your veterinarian for grooming.

*Price increase is effective June 1st, 2019. Existing clients before June 1st will be grandfathered in and will only be charged a $5 - $10 increase determined by groomer*

Full Service Bath

All baths include bath shampoo and conditioner based on your pet’s skin and coat type, blow dry, brush out, ears cleaned and hair removed (if applicable), nails clipped and filed, anal glands expressed, light potty patch and pad trim. Extra charges will apply for de-matting, flea shampoo and Furminator.

Up to 5lbs—$15 to $20
6 to 20 lbs—$25
21 to 50 lbs—$30 to $45
51 to 75 lbs—$50 to $65
76 to 100 lbs—$70 to $85
100+ lbs—$90+

Partial Groom/Silhouette

Includes full service bath, and trimming of the face/head and feet. Silhouettes can be done depending on breed.

Up to 5lbs—$30
6 to 20 lbs—$35 to $40
21 to 50 lbs—$45 to $60
51 to 75 lbs—$65 to $80
76 to 100 lbs—$85 to $100
100+ lbs—$105+

Full Service Groom

Includes full service bath bath and whatever haircut you desire, if appropriate for your pet’s hair type and breed. Extra charges will apply for show clips, specialty grooms, doodles, and other designer breeds.

Up to 5lbs—$45
6 to 20 lbs—$50
21 to 50 lbs—$55 to $70
51 to 75 lbs—$75 to $90
76 to 100 lbs—$95 to $110
100+ lbs—$115+

Ala Carte Services

Anal Glands—$10
Eye/Visor Trim—$5 - $10
Face/Head Trim—$10 - $20
Feet Trim—$5 - $10
Poodle Feet Shave—$15 - $20
Potty Patch—$5 - $10
Color—price varies
White Tea Tree Foot Soak—$5 - $10
Deep Sea Mineral Mud Bath—$5 - $15
Ribbon Collars—$1.50 - $5.50
Collar Bows—$3.00
Deshedding—$15 - $30

Nail Trims (including filing) & Pad Trim

Up to 20 lbs—$8
Up to 40 lbs—$10
Over 40 lbs—$12

Teeth Brushing

Up to 15 lbs—$5
Up to 40 lbs—$8
Over 40 lbs—$10

Doodle/Designer Breeds

Doodles and some other designer breeds can be more difficult and time consuming to groom due to coat type, matting, and temperament. Extra charges will be determined by your groomer and are applied to new clients only effective June 1st 2019.

20 - 40 lbs—$5
41+ lbs—$10

De-matting and Furminator

De-matting and undercoat brushing are $15 for each 15 minutes of the process.

Foxy Felines

Full Service Bath

Short Hair—$45
Includes bath with shampoo based on skin and coat type, nails clipped, ears cleaned, anal glands, potty patch and light brushing.

Medium-Long Hair—$50 - $55
Includes full service bath, paw trim and undercoat brushing. De-matting will incur an additional charge.

Full Service Groom—$75
Includes full service bath bath, and shave or lion clip,

Cats are often difficult to groom. Unmanageable or aggressive cats may be an additional charge. Extreme matting will need to be shaved and may bring additional charges. If your cat requires sedation to be groomed, this will need to be done at a vet clinic by a licensed veterinarian for monitoring.